4008com云顶集团,www.4008.com,4008云顶集团系日本多元化跨国集团ferrotec中国集团的下属子公司,成立于2000年,总投资8.67亿日元,是研发、生产、销售WAGEN品牌金属冷锯、铝合金锯片、硬质合金锯片和金刚石刀" /> 关于我们-<strong><a href="http://www.insiderspicks.net/">4008com云顶集团,www.4008.com,4008云顶集团</a></strong>




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要求, WAGEN秉承ferrotec中国集团的“勤勉、立志、开拓、创优”企业理念,不断进取和创新,建立精良的工艺流程, 致力于将品牌理念和优质产品传递给每一位客户,


Hangzhou Wagen Precision Tooling Co.,Ltd is a branch company of Ferrotec Group China which is a Japanese diversified multinational group company.

Wagen is established in year 2000, total investment 867 Million Japanese Yen. It is a Japanese company who R&D, Produce and sell metal cutting cold 

saw blade, Aluminum cutting saw blade, TCT saw blade, PCD tools and other high quality cutting tools with the brand Wagen.

Wagen Precision Products are widely used in producingspare parts of car and plane, Aluminum, Furniture, Wood and Plexiglas.

Wagen has the most advanced technology and equipment from Europe and Japan, already built full system of R &D, producing, selling and after-sales 


For years, In order to meet the requirements of high quality and high reliable cutting tools, Wagenprecisionhave been keeping the company culture

Philosophy of beging diligent, ambitious, innovative and creative,already built excellent technological process, devoting itself to pass our brand idea and

best quality product to every customer, keeping to create more value for customers.


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